Information for the authors

We kindly ask to submit to the editorial office author’s application form with contact details, a title of the proposed article, number of pages, illustrations and tables as well as a brief abstract. After receiving information about the acceptance of the proposed article please submit the entire text prepared according to the editorial instructions as well as a complete declaration form.

Submitted articles are subjected to editorial assessment and receive a formal editorial identification number used in further stages of the editorial process. Every submitted article is reviewed. Publication is possible after receiving positive reviews (see reviewing procedure).


Guidelines for preparing the articles

  • Articles for publication in “Packaging Review” should have scientific and research character and focus on innovations, trends and challenges of the industry.
  • Articles must be original, not previously published (if the article is a part of another work i.e. PhD thesis, habilitation etc. the information about that should be placed in the reference section).
  • The article should involve a narrow topic but treated thoroughly without repeating general knowledge information included in the widely known literature.
  • If the problem is extensive, it should be it split into few articles for separate publications.
  • Articles should be of a clear and logical structure: the material should be divided into parts with titles reflecting its content. The conclusions should be clearly stated at the end of the paper.
  • The article should be adequately supplemented with illustrations, photographs, tables etc. however, their number should be limited to absolute necessity.
  • The title of the article should be given in Polish and English as well as the abstract and key words.
  • The article should not exceed 10 pages (1 page – 1 800 characters).
  • The article should include post and e-mail addresses of the author(s).
  • The article should be electronically submitted in * doc or * docx format. Equations should be written in the editors, with a clear distinction between 0 and O. If the equations exceed the width of column (8 cm) they must be moved, otherwise use double width column (16 cm).
  • The editorial staff does not rewrite the texts or prepare illustrations. Apart from doc, * docx formats it is recommended to submit the source files of illustrations (in *.eps, *.jpg or *.tif format).
  • Drawings and graphs must be clear and fit A4 size of the column.
  • The text on the drawings cut to the size must be legible and not less than 2 mm.
  • The authors are required to give at the end of the article a full list of sources used for the paper. The text must include citation references to the position of cited work in the bibliography. The bibliography prepared according to the references in the text must include: books – surname and first letter of the author’s name, title, publisher, year and a place of publication (optionally page number), magazines – author’s name and surname, title of the article, title of the magazine, number, year and optionally page numbers. The bibliography should present the current state of knowledge and take into account publications of world literature.
  • The authors guarantee that the content of the paper and drawings are originally theirs (if not the source must be included). The authors by submitting the article transfer the ownership rights to the publisher for paper and electronic publication.
  • The editorial staff will document all form of scientific misconduct, especially violations of the rules of ethics applicable in science.

Submission of a scientific article
Zgłoszenie artykułu naukowego